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Low-cost housing needs ignored, Bepple says

September 8, 2016 1:53 P.M.
Nancy Bepple says city has chronic shortage of affordable housing for singles and families.

The B.C. government has fallen short on pledges to build more affordable housing in Kamloops, says New Democrat Nancy Bepple.

In Kamloops, aside from seniors’ housing, there has been no new-build affordable housing in Kamloops since 2009, when Georgian Court was built, Bepple said Thursday.

A four-storey wood-frame apartment building, Georgian Court provides 48 self-contained one-bedroom apartments on Fortune Drive for about $375/month.

Yet individual bedrooms are being advertised for $600 to $800 per month, making even an individual room unattainable for someone on social assistance or disability assistance, said Bepple, who is seeking the NDP nomination in Kamloops-South in the run-up to a spring provincial election. 

Families are equally strapped to find housing, she said.

“The provincial government has ignored the housing needs of people in Kamloops with low incomes, especially the working poor, people with disabilities and people on social assistance,” she said.

“Even when there was a chance for new construction, such as the townhouses on Columbia Street recently built by John Howard, the province dropped the ball when unexpected infrastructure requirements increased build costs. Now, those units, which could have been affordable are being rented at market rates.” 

Four years ago, the Kamloops Homelessness Action Plan identified a need for 2,222 more affordable units for individuals and families.  

Grouchy 1 says:
September 9, 2016 09:47am

Bla Bla Bla Bla. And she's off , shooting off her mouth without a basic understanding of the subject yet again. Any housing supported by BC Housing is assigned a base rent in order to cover costs for the building. After that, the rent is based on your income. The townhouse development on Columbia would never have been affordable to low income people, based on the advertised minimum rents at the time it was announced. I would like to know just where Bepple was when she was on council ? Not a word from her on low income housing at all.


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Me says:
September 8, 2016 09:48pm

Another stupid statement from a person completely out of touch with reality. BTW Georgian Court is on Fortune Dr. Thank you for knowing where places are when you ramble on.


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