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Local voices in Flag of Canada project

October 11, 2015 1:12 A.M.

St. Ann's Academy elementary students will be recorded Tuesday for participation in the "Flag of Canada — Hometown Proud" commememorative project for elementary schools celebrating the 50th anniversary of the national flag.

From across Canada, selected elementary schools are taking part of what may be the largest recording of O Canada – ever. St. Ann’s is one of two schools in Kamloops selected to participate in the national event.

Flag of Canada – Hometown Proud has taken a recording studio on the road to the selected schools in every province and territory that have been given an opportunity to participate in this larger than life recording project.

At the conclusion of the cross-country tour, all student voices will be blended into one master recording that will be shared with all of Canada. The recording along with a video documentary will be featured in the 50th Anniversary Digital Yearbook.

Three groups of St. Ann's students will be recorded Tuesday afternoon.


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