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Lightship strikes deal with KGHM International

December 2, 2015 10:40 A.M.

A Kamloops tech firm just out of the door with an innovative industrial software application has struck a deal with KGHM International.

Lightship, one of a group of tech firms based at Kamloops Innovation Centre, will provide its worksite management software for the Ajax Mine project. The software will enable KGHM Ajax to manage and protect field employees working on mine development. 

Lightship, which was launched in October, provides provides site managers with a real time, bird’s-eye view of worksites. It tracks and relays sensor and employee information, and includes a highly advanced communications system.

“Lightship was originally designed to work with existing systems so the opportunity to work with a mine from the ground up is very exciting,” said Jae Reichel, CEO of Lightship. 

“The current stage of the Ajax mine development, and the company’s commitment to safety and environmental stewardship, makes KGHM the ideal candidate for Lightship’s joint development program. As a joint development partner, the company will not only assist in enhancing the current Lightship solution but, crucially, will help inform the features of the next generation of mine site management technology.”

Kate Parsons, environmental manager on the Ajax project, said they can use the software now to manage human resources and specialized skill sets. 

They hope to adapt it to future development and operation phases at the mine, which will enter the next state of its environmental assessment review in January 2016.

“The folks over at Lightship Works have been incredibly helpful getting things moving and we’re very excited about the potential value a service such as Lightship could provide,” Parsons said.

Lightship describes its product as "the world’s first fully-integrated, smart worksite management tool." The application gives site management teams a constant, real-time view of their worksite, workers, and equipment, together with an advanced communications and safety system.  


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