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Liberals' fundraisers sounding desperate

September 1, 2016 7:40 A.M.
Screenshot image from Liberal Party's fundraising email.

A NewsKamloops editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

YOU’D THINK a party that was resoundingly rejected at the polls would be having trouble finding financial supporters. In the case of the federal Conservatives, that isn’t the case.

In the last fundraising quarter, the leaderless Tories raised $5 million, until yesterday $168,000 more than the governing Liberals.

The source for those numbers is the Liberals themselves, who’ve spent much of this week sending out desperate-sounding emails to supporters urging them to ante up to the Liberal cause.

The losing competition for funding is “alarming,” according to one of the emails over the signature of Braeden Caley, the party’s communications director.. “Because in less than a year they will have chosen a new leader, and many people might give them a second look.

“If this is what they can raise at their lowest, imagine what we’ll be up against a year from now.”

It then goes into a litany of criticisms of the Conservatives that includes tax breaks “to the very richest,” muzzling of scientists, “turning their backs on Syrian refugees”and more.

Another email was subject-lined “urgent” and told supporters the party is “playing catch up to their (Conservatives’) fundraising machine.” Another said, “We don’t even know who’s going to be leading the Conservative Party, but this year they keep outraising us.”

And another, from the Liberals’ interim national director Christina Topp, blasted the Conservatives’ position on funding for the CBC and said, “It’s alarming that even in 3rd place, a Conservative Party with an interim leader, no direction, and that is increasingly out of touch with Canadians can outraise us with $168,000.”

Then, on Wednesday, a “Thank you” from “the entire team” announcing that the close call was avoided — the $168,000 goal was reached. Phew!

One can speculate as to the reasons the Conservatives’ “machine” is out-revving the Liberals. But, by the Liberals’ own words, the Conservatives are anything but a spent party.

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Allpoints says:
September 1, 2016 01:04pm

The party with the biggest war chest is always the party that will win goes to show that maybe the conservatives aren't done yet.


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