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Lenarduzzi, Ready to receive honourary degrees

May 5, 2016 12:25 P.M.
Bob Lenarduzzi (Vancouver Whitecaps)

Three renowned Canadians felt to embody the spirit and essence of TRU will inspire this year’s graduates at spring convocation in June.

Pioneering cognitive neuroscientist Brenda Milner, icon of B.C. sport Bob Lenarduzzi, and mediator/arbitrator Vince Ready will be recognized with honourary degrees at ceremonies from June 8-10.

An honourary degree is TRU’s highest form of recognition, awarded for demonstrated excellence in public affairs, the sciences, arts, humanities, business and philanthropy. This year’s recipients have excelled in their respective fields nationally and internationally, and their dedication continues to make a difference.

Lenarduzzi’s name is synonymous with soccer in B.C. He has excelled as a player, coach, general manager and now president of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. He represented Canada 47 times, including at the 1984 Olympic Summer Games and the 1986 FIFA World Cup, and was twice named the Canadian Soccer League’s coach of the year.  

Vince Ready is one of the most respected mediators/arbitrators in Canadian labour relations history. He is renowned across the country for successfully resolving the most entrenched disputes in industry and the public sector in a career spanning over 40 years. In the field of dispute resolution his achievements are unparalleled. He has mediated or arbitrated over 7,000 labour disputes across Canada. 

Brenda Milner is widely recognized as one of the founders of cognitive neuroscience, a field that merges neurobiology and psychology—brain and behaviour. A scientist at Montreal’s McGill University for many years, her early research findings that the brain is not governed by a solitary memory system were monumental and changed the direction of memory research. 

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