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KGHM files preliminary responses

August 4, 2016 1:49 P.M.

KGHM-Ajax says it has taken another important step forward, submitting preliminary responses to 2,700 comments and questions that arose from its project application and environmental impact statement.

The responses were submitted Friday to the technical working group charged with studying documents within the environmental permit application. The working group is comprised of representatives of government and First Nations who have technical expertise in areas related to mining, public health, air quality and the environment.

In a media release Thursday, the company said its project team has been busy over the last several weeks preparing responses to more than 2,700 comments and questions submitted by the working group.

Preliminary answers to questions posed by SLR Consulting — an environmental consultant hired by the City of Kamloops and funded by KGHM Ajax — were included in this package.

The proponent was granted a pause in the 180-day review process in May, a temporary time out requested in order to respond. The process is expected to restart in October.

The company expects there will be further questions about specific technical issues once the working group has a chance to review its initial responses.

“It’s important to emphasize that this is not the end of a process, but a continuation of it,” KGHM noted.

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