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KamPlan changes pave way for TRU buildout

April 25, 2016 8:54 A.M.

The evolution of TRU as it approaches its half-century mark is expected to take another step forward this week.

TRU’s land-use designation no longer supports the institution’s long-term development, a limitation that has City staff recommending it be designated a community facility.

The change is part of a suite of KamPlan amendments that go before council Tuesday, but the amendment is not intended to limit TRU’s master plan buildout, which includes development of a sustainable residential community with a diverse mix of housing and a commercial component.

TRU has applied to the City to create a more comprehensive zoning that would better support development of its campus master plan. It’s a move that City planning staff endorse in a report to council that recommends proceeding to public hearings on the sweeping changes.

Moving from the current P-8 (post-secondary education) zoning to a new CD-11 (comprehensive development) zoning would offer more detailed direction on the form and character of future development along the McGill Corridor and within the heart of the campus, staff advise.

TRU’s goals for the campus include:

• Supporting and encouraging growth of TRU as a leading post-secondary institution with strong appeal as a destination for students, faculty and researchers.

• Accommodating TRU's long-range potential for growth in educational and associated facilities such as research, labs or university-affiliated agencies or institutes.

• Creating an interesting, lively, and complete urban environment to enrich the campus experience.

• Building a campus that is sustainable by being walkable, transit-oriented, energy efficient, and greener in terms of building technology and infrastructure.

• Increasing vitality of the campus by incorporating retail and service uses that meet the needs of campus users and visitors.

• Developing an on-campus residential neighbourhood that would increase the total size and diversity of the on-campus community; provide a variety of housing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.

• Providing opportunities for a range of market housing including strata title apartments and townhouses, rental housing, and seniors’ housing in various forms; and provide affordable housing in the form of market and rental and leasehold strata units.

• Creating opportunities to generate revenue to create an endowment for TRU through marketing parcels of land for private sector residential and commercial development.

Mark Twang says:
April 25, 2016 01:37pm

TRU will be the economic engine of Kamloops for decades to come. This visionary plan will hasten our transformation from a boom or bust resource based economy to knowlege based, high tech, transportation and data hub. We are the largest provider of online education in BC, our minimal earthquake history location has made us a data storage center, and our convergence of both nation wide railways and highways has made us a distribution hub. Being able to live, work and shop next to a progressive university will be the next piece in the puzzle pointing to our future prosperity. Go TRU go!


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