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If 'tips are included,' walk out

July 20, 2016 4:02 A.M.

There are a few countries where tips are included, Germany is one of them and I believe the same goes for Switzerland. Why, is the question. The answer is simple. 

Let’s take 100 people working in restaurants. 30 of them make very good tips, 30 more make regular tips and 40 make lousy tips. There has to be a reason for that and that reason is most often the fault of the waitress or waiter. OK some people are cheap when it comes to tipping, some are not tipping, but over time all of this should more or less even out.

The policy of certain restaurants to share the tips is not good. This way the best waitress makes the same tips as the worst one and that is not fair. 

Tips included would basically turn into the same. No matter if the service was good or bad, excellent or poor, everybody is getting the same percentage. So, the good waitresses make less and the bad waitresses make more, again, this is not fair. However, looking at this from the customer's side might work to the point that he has to pay the tip, even if the service was bad and that is not fair towards the customer. If this happens more than once, the customer will not go back and that would hurt the waiting personnel as well as the restaurants owner.

I tip according to the service I am getting, therefore it could be more than 20 per cent or less than 10 per cent, or in a extreme case, nothing at all. If I walk into a place that advertises “tips included,” I walk out before I’m ordering.


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