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Hillside drainage project cost halved

September 13, 2016 7:20 P.M.
Flooding at 10th Avenue underpass after July 2014 storm, the same storm that damaged infrastructure on Hillside Drive.

Drainage improvements to Hillside Drive have come in well under budget with an engineering redesign saving the City half the originally estimated cost of $2.68 million.

Following a staff recommendation, City council awarded the construction contract Tuesday to Dawson Construction in the amount of $1.34 million.

The project will remediate damage done on July 23, 2014, when a storm cell settled over the city, causing torrential rain and flash floods. Flooding damaged the drainage system on Hillside Drive between Summit Drive and McGill Road.

Urban Systems was hired to assess the drainage channel and design restoration and improvements, including a new detention pond within the hairpin corner on Summit Drive.

Through an engineering exercise conducted by City staff, the project was completely revamped.

“It was a complete redesign to serve the same program,” said Jen Fretz, city utilities director.

Work is expected to get underway in the fall with completion next spring.  

Bernice debert says:
September 14, 2016 12:22pm

Why show a picture of 10th avenue underpass with a discussion about hillside drive? The picture should represent the location that the article is discussing. Just my opinion!


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