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Guitar trio aims for No. 1 with four days to go

Bees and the Barebones count on home town support online
September 6, 2016 2:09 P.M.
Madison Olds, Abby Wale and Chloe Beauchamp-Brisson are the Bees and the Bare Bones.

As a country-folk guitar trio, they’re very new, admits Chloe Beauchamp-Brisson, so new that most people in their home town have probably never heard of Bees and the Bare Bones.

That doesn’t seem to have held back the Kamloops group in its short run, having risen to the top among 100 others who have entered the Chevy Tailgate Competition.

Beauchamp-Brisson, 20, got together with Madison Olds, 18, and Abby Wale, 20, just a couple of months ago. 

Olds  — who has been making a name for herself on local stages — wrote a song with Beauchamp-Brisson called Mad Love. Inspired by other all-female trios such as The Dixie Chicks and Pistol Annie, they thought the song would sound great if it were performed by a trio. Indeed it did, and they felt confident enough in the result to enter the song in the Chevy Tailgate Competition.

“We uploaded the next day before the cut-off and it got chosen,” Beauchamp-Brisson said.

They were chosen as three semi-finalists among 100 submissions in a competition that will ultimately name a finalist through online voting at A couple of voting rounds in, they were doing well enough to make it to the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Alta., (performing on the tailgate of a Chevy pickup truck) where they were picked as finalists, one of four chosen at four festivals across Canada.

Now the competition is coming down to the wire and the trio is, remarkably, on top. They stand at 44 percent with next closest competitor, Emma Peterson of Dauphin, Man., at 41 percent. They’re hoping hometown support can bolster their chances.

“It’s kind of a race against time,” she said. “We are quite excited about it.”

A golden ticket helps explain their excitement — the winner gets a recording session in Nashville, home of country music, an opportunity worth $10,000.

Now, as Beauchamp-Brisson and Wales return to school at TRU and Olds concentrates on her music, they’re down to the nail-biting stretch, encouraging supporters to lend their votes.

Voting is unlimited, which may or may no be an advantage.

“We have four days left,” she said. “It’s pretty stressful.”

And that curious monicker, Bees and the Bare Bones?

Olds' family keeps bees — they have three hives at home — and Beauchamp-Brisson knew she had to somehow work with her long, hyphenated handle that's often mispronounced. They went with the three Bs, though they seem to be scoring straight As in the music competition.

Check out Bees and the Bare Bones at, as well as the hashtag #chevytailgate on Facebook.

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