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Flight suspension temporary, New Leaf says

September 16, 2016 9:56 A.M.
(New Leaf)

New Leaf, the discount travel company that stirred up the market when it began operation in July, has announced it will temporarily suspend flights this fall into four cities including Kamloops.

The Winnipeg-based firm announced Thursday that it will not serve the city, along with Regina, Saskatoon and Victoria, between Nov. 1 and mid-December.

Kamloops Airport Manager Fred Legace said he’s been told by the company that the suspension is due to a lack of available aircraft “in the barn.” New Leaf hires aircraft from a number of firms, including Kelowna-based Flair.

“It looks like it’s going to be a short period of time,” Legace said. “They’re just short of airplanes at the moment.”

While announcing the temporary cuts, the company released its core domestic schedule, saying that it plans to add flights to more Canadian cities along with flights to U.S. destinations.

"It's an effort to do what Canadians have been asking us to do," said New Leaf spokeswoman Julie Rempel. "That is, to be able to purchas flights further into the future."

The company has only three aircraft, which limits its flight schedule, so they're focusing on their core route market for the time being, enabling passengers to book flights until the end of April.

Flights in and out of Kamloops Airport are expected to resume six weeks after they are suspended, in time for the busy winter season.

"Our service for December is going to be ramped up significantly to capitalize on that holiday market," Rempel said. "Canadians are going to be elated because the fares are going to be so much less."

For a limited period, the company is offering half-price deals on all its October flights.


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