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Extra elementary teachers hired

September 14, 2015 9:08 P.M.

Kamloops-North Thompson School Board has approved the hiring of 10 additional teachers to accommodate an increase of 200 elementary school students in District 73.

"It appears we're about 200 students up in elementary," schools superintendent Karl deBruijn told the board at its regular meeting Monday night. That figure should be confirmed within the next few days, he said.

The increase signals the possibility that there may be a potential increase in overall enrolment, but it will take additional time to confirm secondary student figures.

"Secondary is a far different story and much more challlenging," deBruijn said. 

Final enrolment figures should be confirmed by month's end for submission to the Ministry of Education as the basis for district funding on a per-pupil basis.

DeBruijn suspects overall enrolment may have also climbed.

"I'd far rather be dealing with an enrolment increase than an enrolment decrease."

Trustee Kathleen Karpuk noted one school had a "humongous swing" in kindergarten enrolment, from a projected 23 to a final count of 43, the equivalent of an entire class of starters.

"They were praying they wouldn't have any more kindergarten students show up," she said. "That would mean they'd have to do class splits."



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