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District to improve busing with funds

September 28, 2016 3:38 P.M.

Kamloops-North Thompson School District will use funding announced Wednesday to introduce new bus routes, including a route for students with disabilities. 

The money will also help provide enhanced bus driver training programs, hire a new staff member to help with safety training and supply safety equipment and new GPS devices on all buses. 

MLA for Kamloops-South Thompson Todd Stone announced $666,817 in funds under the new provincial Student Transportation Fund.

“This funding is ensuring parents have more money in their pockets for family priorities instead of paying bus fees,” Stone said. “Parents can take comfort that their children are receiving safe, reliable school transportation, and kids can keep making school memories on their extra-curricular road trips.”

The district will also be able to fund extra-curricular bus trips and continue to ensure students get to and from school safely. As a result of this funding, the district will no longer have to charge bus fees.

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