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Digital design house celebrates first decade

July 6, 2016 11:37 A.M.

A decade in business may not hold great distinction in some fields, but in the highly competitive and ever-changing graphic design industry it’s a major milestone.

Jeff Kilduff, founder of Graphic Depictions Intelligent Design, is celebrating 10 years in business. They specialize in graphic design, print, multimedia and website design. 

“The vast majority of our clients are from Kamloops, however we have built a nice client base across Canada into the United States and as far away as Sri Lanka. Happy clients have been spreading the word.” 

A 1999 graduate of the digital art and design program at University College of the Cariboo (now TRU), Kilduff has found success not only in Kamloops but with customers from around the world. He was hired right out of univesity to work for a Kamloops ad agency. Working for a small company allowed him to work in all facets of graphic design and gain extensive experience in the areas of print, multi-media and website design.

Technology has cut both ways in the graphic design business. By enabling smaller companies to thrive, the digital revolution has also led larger firms to cut their in-house design expertise in favour of contracting out.

Customer service is a critical factor, Kilduff believes. 

“The big thing with me is I’m very reliable and professional. I know those are buzz words, but it is the case with me.”

Locally, Graphic Depictions’ longest-running client is Sun Rivers Golf Resort Community. Leslie Brochu, vice-president marketing and public relations, attributes the growth and responsiveness of Sun Rivers’ resort style living in part to prolific brand messaging and graphic design. 

“Over the last 10 years, Graphic Depictions has effectively helped us communicate the Sun Rivers brand that evolved from a masterplan into the vibrant community it is today” says Brochu. “Graphic design was key to illustrating the vision and representing the response and reality of resort style living.” 

Graphic Depictions’ philosophy is that every company should have access to top-quality graphic design. They work with organizations to create branded and effective design, including websites. Organizations they’ve helped include the United Way (Homes for the Holidays), Sun Peaks (Sun Peaks Shares), BCSPCA and Coaches for Kids. 

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