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Crews move into mop-up stage

August 22, 2016 4:19 P.M.


A wildfire near Okanagan Falls is 75 per cent contained, and has been lowered to a Rank 1 fire.

In prior reports, B.C. Wildfire Service was calling the fire between a Rank 1 and Rank 2 blaze. Rank 1 is referred to as a smouldering ground fire, whereas Rank 2 includes some open flames.

A total of 25 firefighters continue to work on the burn, and have now established a hose base at the foot of the hill to surround the area.

The work being done is now considered mop-up work, as firefighters search for smouldering areas on the hill.

Fire chief Bob Haddow said the fire was mostly a ground fire. While Sunday night's wind caused the department some difficulty in fighting the blaze, the calming of weather overnight allowed them to gain an upper hand.

As of Monday morning, there are 23 provincial firefighters on scene supporting the Kaleden Fire Department.

“The fire is approximately six hectares in size,” fire information officer Max Birkner said earlier Monday. “It started out as a hot weekend, but the slightly cooler weather coming will hopefully help the firefighters contain the blaze."

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