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Council expedites major capital projects

June 28, 2016 6:22 P.M.

Residents of Aberdeen can expect a few detours in coming months with work set to get underway next week on Pacific Way improvements.

Council agreed to skip a step Tuesday to clear the way for two major capital projects — upgrades to Pacific Way and replacement of the Westsyde Pool roof — to get going post-haste.

The time frame for the projects is narrow with completion for both set for January 2017, said Jen Fretz, public works and utilities director. Since both are accounted for within the 2016-2020 financial plan, staff sought prior authorization from council to award the tenders to lowest bidders. 

Under city rules, any contract worth more than $800,000 must get final approval from council. In this case, the successful bidders will get a green light as long as their bids are within budget.

“I’m very comfortable doing this and getting on with life,” said Coun. Pat Wallace.

Coun Ken Christian said he supports the $800,000 restriction, but with summer break at hand, the projects could be delayed if it were upheld. Skipping the final step will be in the best interest of citizens, he added.

A bid for the Pacific Way project has already come in at $2.2 million or about $400,000 under budget, said Darren Crundwell, capital projects manager.

“I think we’re still seeing some fairly competitive bidding,” he said.

If the bids on the pool project — expected by July 25 — come in over budget, staff will bring a recommendation back to council prior to awarding the job.

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