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Co-ordinator needed for homelessness action

August 15, 2016 4:47 P.M.
Project Homeless Connect takes place Oct. 13.

Organizers of Homelessness Action Week and the annual homeless count are seeking a project co-ordinator as they prepare for fall activities.

Homelessness Action Week will be held the week of October 10-14. HomeFree is seeking a project co-ordinator to organize and support community events and activities.

Project Homeless Connect, an annual gathering, will be held on Oct. 13 at Spirit Square at the corner of McKenzie Avenue and Yew Street on the North Shore. The event is designed to connect street-entrenched individuals to a range of health and support services, all in one place. The co-ordinator will organize the event with input from people with lived experience of homelessness. The overall goal is to encourage transitions into housing and off the street.

In collaboration with ASK Wellness and others, the co-ordinator will lead a “point-in-time count following a prescribed approach established by the federal government to ensure consistency across communities.

The project co-ordinator is a two-month contract position starting Sept. 6. 

For more details on the role, visit Submission deadline is noon, Friday, August 26.

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