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City centre apartment going back to bat

July 13, 2016 11:53 A.M.
Battle Street site of proposed townhouse/apartment project. (Google Earth)

With a lengthy list of revisions, a city centre apartment development goes back to a second public hearing after its development permit application was denied on the first go-round.

Council approved a staff recommendation Tuesday to hold the public hearing after receiving an update on 20-unit development proposed for 213, 223 and 227 Battle Street, across from Stuart Wood elementary.

Rezoning for the medium-density project was turned down after the first public hearing in April, but council OK’d a new public hearing after the developer offered to make changes and consult with the neighbourhood beforehand.

The number of units has been reduced by one and site coverage reduced to 64 percent from 66.

Other changes: 

• The rear elevation of the building has been altered to include a new roof top garden/patio, reducing massing of the elevation.

• Solid balcony railings have been added to the rear elevation to improve privacy of neighbours and residents.

• Number of parking spaces has increased from 31 to 35, which complies with parking requirements.

A small car parking variance has been reduced from 42% to 31%.

The percentage of on-site landscaping and amenity space has increased f with the addition of front yard landscaping

Colour of the brick veneer has been changed from grey to red to increase compatibility with heritage buildings in the neighbourhood.

If approved this time, the rezoning from RM-1 (Multiple Family - Low Density) to RM-2A (Downtown Multiple Family - Medium Density), would allow for an increased floor area ratio.

No date has been set for the developer’s open house or the City’s public hearing to follow.

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