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Chamber backs marijuana resolution

September 19, 2016 1:29 P.M.

As it prepares to legalize recreational use of marijuana, the Trudeau government must ensure fair competition, preserve consumer choice and impose adequate safeguards for public protection, says the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Kamloops Chamber has seconded that resolution, passed at the national body’s AGM held in Regina over the weekend.

“While Canadians may have mixed feelings on the subject, the federal government has made clear their intention of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana,” said Brant Hasanen, chairman of the Kamloops chamber’s policy development committee. “The chamber believes that the introduction of this product to consumers must be done in a way that ensures responsible access, engages local business, maintains a competitive environment, and allows for consumer choice.”

The national chamber also approved four other policies proposed by its Kamloops members:

1. Base principles of pension reform, recognizing the need for enhanced pension reform strategies, including the Canada Pension Plan

2. Supporting Canada’s responsible resource development, highlighting the importance of a clearly defined process and timeline for consideration of resource development projects

3. A Canada Job Grant Program for all Canadian business, requesting standardization of the administration of the Canada Job Grant Program in a way that facilitates the needs of smaller businesses

4. Commercial truck drivers training and classification in Canada, supporting the Canadian Trucking Alliance and other provincial associations in the need for standardized commercial vehicle driver training, and federal support for bringing additional drivers into the workforce

“We appreciate the efforts of our Kamloops members that initiated these policy recommendations and worked with our policy committee to refine the concepts into policy, and the B.C. chamber in supporting these policies at a provincial level," Hasanen said.

We look forward to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce representing the issues of our membership at a national level,” he added. “This process demonstrates the “power of the network” and the value provided through membership in a local Chamber of Commerce.”

Grouchy 1 says:
September 21, 2016 09:32am

Leave any distribution of marijuana to the LCB. If the KCC has its way, it will just be a cluster .......


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