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Blogger thrilled over royal visit

August 24, 2016 9:42 A.M.
Jamie Samhan (Contributed)


While there a lot of people excited about the upcoming royal visit to Kelowna, no one is likely as excited as one royal-family blogger.

Kelowna's Jamie Samhan is an assistant editor at Royal Central, touted as the world's largest independent source for royal news.

“We cover news about all royal families,” explained Samhan. “It started in England, but we have people located all throughout the world who write for us.”

She got involved with the site when it put a call out online looking for bloggers to join the team.

“I was looking for something to do and I am fascinated about royal history, so I started blogging for them,” explained Samhan.

“And then I became a reporter and then just last year, they were doing a revamp of the structure and I applied to become an assistant editor and I got it.”

She has worked for the site for nearly two years now and while she has written and edited a lot of stories about the royals, she has yet to go to one of the royal events in person.

So, when news broke that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be heading to B.C., Samhan was over the moon.

“My husband thought it was quite amusing. He said he had never seen me so alive and active in the morning,” said Samhan with a laugh.

“I woke up and had the press release on the phone and was like ahhhh, it's happening! I was shaking, very excited.”

The royals' upcoming visit to Canada this September means Samhan will be able to follow Kate and William in person, as they tour Western Canada and come to her hometown of Kelowna.

“I will be having my mom come in to town to take care of the kids while I take off and travel around and go to all the different events as press,” said Samhan.

Along with news media throughout B.C. and the Yukon, Samhan will follow their journey and hopes to even interview them at some point along the way.

“I will go to Victoria and Vancouver and here,” said Samhan. “I would love to get the chance to interview them, but we will see if that happens.”

While Kate and William have not said what they will do in Kelowna, Samhan has some ideas. 

“I'm guessing they will do a winery,” said Samhan. “Some agricultural type of things. They may also visit the first responders that are fighting the fires.”

She says she will be writing about the experience and using social media along the way to share the royal journey.

“I'll be covering as many based as one person can.”

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