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Angler fends off persistent badger

July 27, 2016 10:06 A.M.


It wasn’t quite the catch of the day he was looking for, but it certainly makes for a whale of a tale.

Ron Lancour was fishing on Sheridan Lake, near 100 Mile House, a quiet spot at a resort he’s been visiting for years.

The Kelowna resident says he was poking along with both lines out and was half asleep when he noticed something swimming straight for his boat.

“It disappeared to the port side of the boat before I could fully comprehend what it was,” he said. “I saw a small head and a tail sticking in the air twitching back and forth.”

That’s when he heard a snarl.

“There, coming into the boat between the kicker and the big motor was a badger and boy was he ever cranky.”

It was a battle for the boat, the badger wanted in and it wanted Lancour out.

“I grabbed my net and tried to push him back into the water with the handle, but he started eating the handle.”

Lancour says he started to lose ground as the badger headed over to a fish box and attempted to get into the main part of the boat.

“I knew what I had to do was to hit him on the nose and stun him so I could push him back over the transom. Still battling with the net handle, I made a quick grab for one of my paddles and took a swing at his nose.”

He says he didn’t want to kill the badger as they are a protected species in B.C. and it is estimated there are only about 200 left in the province.

The fisherman continued to push and shove his paddle at the animal, but the badger did not give up.

“With the end of the paddle I gave him another push and into the drink he went,” Lancour said. “Just as I breathed a sigh of relief, he came around the other side of the big motor. On his way over for the third time, so I had to whack him again.”

The badger turned away for a split second and Lancour hit the throttle.

Luckily, the animal swam for a nearby island and away from Lancour’s boat.

“He went on his way and me on my way,” said Lancour.

When he returned to Sheridan Lake Resort from his day on the water, everyone was amazed to hear the story.

“They asked, did you get a picture?” explained Lancour. “Well, I was busier than a cat covering poop on a marble floor, and my subject was in no mood to pose for me. Quite an ordeal to say the least.”

While neither Lancour nor anyone else he’s crossed at the resort has ever ran into a badger, the experience didn’t phase the fisherman – much. He headed back out on the water the next day for another adventure.

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