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Aleece Laird sworn in for B.C. chamber board

June 3, 2016 2:00 P.M.
Aleece Laird

The city now has two representatives on the B.C. Chamber of Commerce board.

Brant Hasanen, a former president of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce (2008), and now immediate past chair of the B.C. board, delivered his year-end address to the delegation at the provincial conference earlier this week in Kelowna. He will serve one more year on the B.C. chamber board.

“We have accomplished many things in this past year and I now leave the position in the capable hands of Patrick Giesbrecht, new chair of the B.C. chamber from Abbotsford,” Hasanen said

Aleece Laird, a former president of the Kamloops chamber (2014), was sworn in as director of the provincial board. She will serve a two-year term.

Laird said she is excited to have the chance to serve at the provincial level.

“My eight years on the Kamloops chamber board were enjoyable and in that time I was able to put my passion for both strategic marketing and governance into action. I look forward to doing the same as a director with the B.C. chamber as well.”

Ryan Scorgie, current president of the Kamloops chamber, said the city has never before had two representatives provincially.

In Kelowna, delegates voted to approve all nine of the Kamloops chamber’s recommendations to government, which were among 55 recommendations presented over two days.

“This speaks highly of our committee’s work to create well-written positions and on their abilities to lobby delegates and present our positions in front of the crowd,” Scorgie said.

Resolutions from Kamloops ask that senior governments:

  • Offset the higher property taxes for wineries, cider makers and distilleries.
  • Support responsible resource development.
  • Create a sustainable Canada Jobs Grant.
  • Review how real property contractors collect and remit PST.
  • Set a standard for accreditation of commercial driving programs.
  • Mandate electronic on-board recorders in commercial trucks.
  • Implement provincial tax incentives for succession planning.
  • Maintain daylight savings time throughout the year.
  • Review B.C.’s sales tax model.

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