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54 City employees earn more than mayor

By Mike Youds
June 29, 2016 10:42 A.M.

Fifty-four City managers and exempt staff crested the $100,000 salary mark in 2015, a substantial hike from 34 the year before and more than the mayor receives.

The increase is largely owing to retroactive payments in 2015 arising from 2012-2014 contract settlements for Kamloops Fire Rescue union members and management, said Kathy Humphrey, City finance director, in a report received by council.

Remuneration and paid expense figures are contained an annual statement of financial information that the City is required by law to disclose.

The top-paid executive at City Hall is chief administrative officer David Trawin, who pulled in $266,000 annually. Byron McCorkell, director of parks, recreation and culture, was paid $206,000 and David Duckworth, director of corporate services and community safety, got $198,000.  

According to Humphrey’s summary, the overall increase in salaries, wages and benefits from 2014 to 2015 was approximately 7.5 percent. Another 3.8 percent was due to an additional pay period in 2015, which also resulted in the addition of approximately 30 people to the 2015 list of employees with a total remuneration greater than $75,000 who were not on the list in 2014. 

The 27th payday also shifted about 24 employees in to the greater than $100,000 category in 2015.

Mayor and council figures are also included in the report. Mayor Peter Milobar earned $99,483 in 2015 while councillors were paid roughly $30,000 each. Coun. Arjun Singh tops out on the expense side at $7,400, a distinction likely attributed to his travel as a UBCM vice-president. The mayor is second with expenses of $5,400.

Total disbursements last year by the City of Kamloops for goods and services accounts exceeding $25,000 amounted to almost $218 million.

City of Kamloops

Mayor and Council

Salaries and Expenses

Milobar, Peter 99,483.40/5,401.10

Cavers, Donovan 30,579.25/2,543.69

Christian, Ken 30,579.25/4,506.28

Dudy, Dieter W 30,399.25/4,530.10

Lange, Tina 30,183.25/962.31

Singh, Arjun 30,183.25/7,352.60

Spina, Margaret L 30,183.25/4,138.89

Wallace, Patricia A 30,183.25/2,167.20

Walsh, Denis J 30,183.25/2,664.01

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