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10 hot tips for back to school

September 2, 2016 4:40 P.M.

As families get ready to send more than 600,000 B.C. students back to school, there are many great resources available to make the transition to the classroom easier – and to get a head start preparing for life after high school.

Skills for our changing world:

The Ministry of Education is a year into updating B.C.’s curriculum to connect kids with the skills they need to succeed. See what students will be learning this year:

Save for the future:

Most elementary school students are eligible for $1,200 through the B.C. Training and Education Savings Grant. Sign up today:

Traffic safety fines:

Drive safe, or pay up! If you blow past a school bus with its lights flashing you’ll now face double the fine – that’s $368. Find out more:

Student leaders:

Calling all athletes, academics and artists! Make your hard work pay off by applying for a B.C. scholarship:

PST exempt school supplies:

Going back to school shopping? Don’t forget your list of all the tax-exempt school supplies:

Erase bullying:

Worried your child might be involved in bullying? Need to report bullying? Find out what you can do:

Help for families on income assistance:

Families on income and disability assistance can get help with back to school costs like school supplies and clothing. Find out more about the School Start-up Supplement:

Be prepared:

Wondering how your school will respond in a fire or earthquake? Check out B.C.’s Emergency Management Planning Guide:

B.C. school supply tax credit:

You can get a $250 tax credit per child to help with school supplies, and you don’t even have to keep your receipts. Find out more:

Get your transcripts:

Graduates – order transcripts and certificates to help with your post-secondary applications:

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