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About Us is an independent online newspaper published by First Choice Media Inc. launched in July 2015. We strive to provide news coverage that is fair, balanced and neutral on issues and events of importance to the community.

On the other hand, when it comes to the expression of opinions, we don’t have an “editorial policy” — our writers don’t always agree with each other and we prefer it that way. We believe a healthy diversity of viewpoints is a good thing.

Articles such as columns and editorials are clearly labeled as such. We encourage our readers to express their own opinions — whether or not they agree with ours — through letters to the editor, comments on stories, or guest editorials and columns.



Call it a splotch, a blotch, a swoosh or a splooch, the black ink splash that forms part of the K in our logo is a tribute to the strong newspaper heritage of and our belief that while the way we all receive the news is changing, nothing beats experience.



President and Publisher

Claude was born in Blue River but has lived in Kamloops most of his life, spending many years at Radio CHNL including as station manager. He was a Kamloops City Councillor before being elected as MLA in 1981. He held several Cabinet portfolios and was Speaker of the House before retiring in 2009. He is a Bencher with the Law Society of B.C. and has an Honorary Doctorate of Law from TRU. He is a founding member of the Kamloops Rube Band and is still allowed in the trumpet section.




Vice President, Content

Mel has lived in Kamloops and area since 1970, spending most of those years as Editor of The Kamloops Daily News, during which he’s won numerous awards including the Jack Webster Foundation award for lifetime achievement. He is a former Mayor of Kamloops and former Chair of the Kamloops School Board, and is a Director on the Thompson-Nicola Regional District board. He brings his popular Armchair Mayor News blog to and oversees content.






Mike recently notched his 35th year in journalism, having worked for many years as a reporter and editor at The Kamloops Daily New. There isn’t a beat he hasn’t covered, reporting on everything from City Hall to the environment to the courts to arts and entertainment. After The Daily News closed, he worked as a content curator for The Angler’s Atlas and as a job developer for Open Door Group while working on various projects, including NewsKamloops.



On Hockey

During more than 40 years as a sports journalist, Gregg has covered sports for the Regina Leader-Post, Brandon Sun, Winnipeg Tribune and The Kamloops Daily News. His Taking Note blog won a 2015 Paul Carson Memorial Award as B.C.’s best sports-related blog outside Vancouver. In July 2015, the B.C. Hockey Hall of Fame honoured him with the Bernie Pascall Media Award for excellence and ‘commitment and dedication’ to promoting the game of hockey.



COMMENTING POLICY encourages the expression of opinion on news events or issues of the day, and welcomes comments and letters to the editor subject to legality, brevity and good taste.

However, racist, sexist, ageist, hateful, homophobic or otherwise offensive comments aren’t acceptable.

Neither are threats, violation of privacy or personal insults. It’s possible to be critical of someone else’s viewpoint without insulting the person.

When reciting "facts" please make sure you are accurate.

That leaves plenty of room for respectful and lively engagement.

Your submissions become our property and may be published elsewhere on our website. We reserve the right to reject any comment that we consider inappropriate. We also reserve the right to adjust our policies from time to time.